American Beliefs and how they are shaped in the era of Trumpism

Ed Ruscha’s Our Flag (2017)

As I write this, America is entering its third day of tallying votes after what has been one of the most historically charged elections in American history. I don’t write about politics, it’s not my expertise, but one cannot deny or fail to realize more and more, we all have to take part in this conversation. I’ve had several discussions in the past few weeks with Americans who have or voted again for the current regime (regardless of their race, class, or religion) and they have one tragic…

The city is dead, they declared as if its up to them to decide our fate.

It’s too easy, to appease them now.

They think they got us figured out,

for whatever reason their treason becomes our cross to bare, as they stare down our eyes, there is no surprise they underestimate our ability to push off adversity and survive, no thrive.

In her eyes lies the compromise we all made to be here.

We’re not giving up because you think it’s too high a price, to decide to fight for a life that’s beyond your reach or imagination, pay…

How does the American Dream measure up?

Work hard, save up, invest, buy a house, send your kids to college, get a boat, buy a nice car, buy a bigger car, get a lake house, donate money to charity and all your dreams will come true. Generations of immigrants, and newly minted Americans were fed this story from first settlers, in the northeast, to the gold rush and reconstruction of the American West, to the migration of freed slaves from the south to the cities of the North, the same idea was repeated over and over; if you invest enough…

How to find novelty in the familiar.

Living in one place long enough, you forget to see it with curious fresh eyes. You walk up the same train station, drive the same route to work, take the same street to your yoga practice, gym, dance class; go to the same cafe or bar for a drink with friends. None of this is bad per se. There is something beautiful, comforting even, about the familiar faces and places you encounter every day. Yet shaking up the pot ignites renewed curiosity in a place that has become part of your everyday life.

How to navigate a culture of zero commitment and instant gratification.

pixabay stock photograph

I’m not a staunch critic of online technology, nor do I think it’s the bane of our existence. It has given me and countless others a vast platform for communication and consumer choices. On any given day people I will never meet read my words, look at my yoga videos, and get to share their thoughts on pictures I’ve captured with my camera phone. …

How To Not Fit In

Be a square peg in a round hole

There is nothing more worrisome than predictability or more damning than fitting in.

If I were to start an advice column that would be its title. It would advise against prudence, predictability and letting things slide. Although anyone taking advice from me should probably check with their therapist first. I have never, ever fit in, and I have never had the desire to try. …

Joy is not a one time event, it’s an every- day commitment.

photo by : Eric Snell

Do what makes you happy. Find joy in the little things; We’ve heard this over and over again, slapped on self-help books, motivational memes and every “feel good” post from the beginning of time. Everything we do, or strive for is for the sake of happiness, joy, contentment, elation; that happy PLACE.

For years I used to try to find the big joy, getting my degree, finding my first job, traveling to places unknown, doing big art projects, giving big parties. All those things gave me joy, but all too often I found myself seeking joy like some junkie looking…

How to live and thrive in permanent impermanence

photo by : Alexandros Maragos

Some people, never leave their childhood home, their street or their country. There are thousands more, who blissfully spend their lives, gathering memories, living in the same neighborhood they grew up in since childhood, and never have an impulse or desire to go anywhere else. I unfortunately (or fortunately) am not one of those people. I have moved into and out of almost 20 houses and apartments, 3 countries, and two continents, ( and counting) since I was a child, and currently call New York my home. After arriving here and sleeping…

MY ode to New York City.

photo by Gabriel Ortiz Jr.

A project in the making

Over the past 3 years I’ve been writing and performing my poetry, some of which I’ve written in transit and most of which I’ve written about, in and for New York. My experiences, good and bad in this city, and of course the whole journey of leaving Greece in 2013 and moving to New York has allowed me to form a story about the Gotham realities and fantasies through prose and poems. …

How it can take a lifetime to rediscover who we really are.

For the past couple of years, a week before my birthday, I sit down with myself in a very introspective way and have a conversation; to figure out “where I’m at” and where I’d like to go. This is more commonly passed around as taking stock of the year that’s passed (in these lovely self help kind of circles). I prefer to see it in a different light. …

Eleana S Kouneli

Yoga Teacher, Wellness Guide Writer, Travel Enthusiast, Professional Muse, lover of all things purple. Greek girl in Brooklyn.

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