The city is dead, they declared as if its up to them to decide our fate.

It’s too easy, to appease them now.

They think they got us figured out,

for whatever reason their treason becomes our cross to bare, as they stare down our eyes, there is no surprise they underestimate our ability to push off adversity and survive, no thrive.

In her eyes lies the compromise we all made to be here.

We’re not giving up because you think it’s too high a price, to decide to fight for a life that’s beyond your reach or imagination, pay attention.

This time it’s not about you, it’s about all of us, our size is beyond their comprehension, pay attention.

It’s now or never, need I mention that our lives are under files they don’t care to question.

Pay attention.

It’s no longer about succession.

Their eyes tell lies so deeply engrained in the fabric of our lives, and we now have to fight for basic freedoms as if we’re overthrowing a kingdom of greed and planting the seed for a future that’s not about the color of our skin.

Just think.

We’re broken, living moment to moment, not knowing who will win this fight.

David or Goliath

original sin.

What’s that even mean?

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